“Singer…turns in another winner…His many fans will be lining up to read this one.”

BOOKLIST on Dead Lawyers Tell No Tales


“The characters are believable, likeable and real; the story palpable, complex and intense; the theme thought-provoking, substantive, and engaging—I’d call Dead Lawyers Singer’s best…but that wouldn’t really do the rest of his books justice.”



“Superbly penned…mesmerizing mind games…meticulous detail. Dead Lawyers Tell No Tales will not disappoint.”



“Veteran attorney Singer turns out another admirable legal thriller that will again draw comparisons to the inestimable John Grisham. Singer skillfully loosens the strings [of the story] and reweaves them into a tale that entertains, surprises, and challenges readers to rethink justice and mercy.”

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY on The Last Plea Bargain


“The Last Plea Bargain is a superbly written book, hard to put down, and easy to pick back up.”



“Singer’s superbly researched plot charges out of the starting gate on page one and doesn’t rest until literally the last page.”

CROSSWALK.COM on The Last Plea Bargain


“Another solid, well-crafted novel from an increasingly popular writer…. Its nonfiction origins lend the book an air of reality that totally made-up stories sometimes lack.”

BOOKLIST on The Last Plea Bargain (starred review)


“Singer’s legal knowledge is well matched by his stellar storytelling. Again, he brings us to the brink and lets us hang before skillfully pulling us back.”

ROMANTIC TIMES on Fatal Convictions


“Get ready to wrestle with larger themes of truth, justice, and courage. Between the legal tension in the courtroom scenes and the emotional tension between the characters, readers will be riveted to the final few chapters.”

CROSSWALK.COM on Fatal Convictions


“Randy Singer’s legal thrillers are, in a word, brilliant…Every one of them have been exciting, gripping and morally controversial. The Justice Game is no exception.”



“A book that will entertain readers and make them think—what more can one ask?”



“At the center of the heart-pounding action are the moral dilemmas that have become Singer’s stock-in-trade…An exciting thriller.”

BOOKLIST on By Reason of Insanity


“Singer hooks readers from the opening courtroom scene of this tasty thriller, then spurs them through a fast trot across a story line that just keeps delivering.”

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY on By Reason of Insanity


“Brilliant story!…Randy lifts the veil for a peek into the inner workings of the court system, law school, and everything in-between.”

NOVEL REVIEWS on False Witness


“In this gripping, obsessively readable courtroom thriller, Singer proves himself to be the Christian John Grisham.”



“John Grisham meets C.S. Lewis. Self Incrimination mixes legal shenanigans and biblical truth, then injects the concoction into the lives of entertaining characters. The result is highly volatile, thought provoking, and lots of fun.”



“Realistic and riveting, Directed Verdict is a compelling story about the persecuted church and those who fight for global religious freedom.”

JAY SEKULOW, Chief Counsel, The American Center for Law and Justice